Parade Date: September 13th
Start Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Bolingbrook High School

Art McGuigan

Raj Naik
Vice Chairman

Vicki Lange


Barbara McHugh
Dina Battle
John Clyne
Michelle Gebbia
Gregory Grier
Fran Lopez
Eurie Morris
Kimberly Millison
Tom Conway
Vincent D.
Peggie McMillan
Lynn Wozny


Welcome to the 50th Annual Pathways Parade 2015

This year's theme is:
"50th Anniversary of Bolingbrook"

50th Chosen Logo 5

The theme of the parade is "50th Anniversary of Bolingbrook" it has been selected as it is the 50th year of progress in this town. This will give you an opportunity to celebrate and wish the town well in the years past and for the future.
You can use your imagination on different ways to show your ideas for floats, decorated cars and group activities while marching.
We look forward to you participating with your organization, Church, Business etc. Look to the future and have a great time that day.
We hope that you will enjoy the Parade, as it is there for the enjoyment of the people of Bolingbrook. So lets sign up and register either on line at our web site, ( NO ENTRY FEE !!!. If you have any ideas that you would like to see etc. please email us and let us know. Thanks once again for participating.

Please note: When you fill out your registration form and enter what you will have in the Parade for line-up, ( please be detailed) there will be no other additions allowed on the day of the Parade. Due to set up etc. this information is set for broadcast on BCTV and for our announcers, and cannot be changed. Anyone showing up with additional floats, cars, etc. will not be allowed in the Parade.

We hope all participants will have an enjoyable day.
Bolingbrook Parade Commission
c/o The Village of Bolingbrook
375 Briarcliff Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440-0951

Bolingbrook Parade Commission

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